Jordan B. Peterson and Integral Theory.

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Integral and Jordan B. Peterson have shaped my thinking for over 30 years. I was studying Carl Jung’s Depth theory and Ken Wilber’s Theory of Everything in the eighties and it was a great joy to me to discover Jordan B. Peterson about a year ago and find the perfect blend of all that I was trying to establish in my life. So, I have started this blog in the hope that I can embed this teaching further into action in my life and perhaps, be a help for others trying to make sense of this complex thing called life.

“Public intellectuals don’t get any hotter than Jordan Peterson. Virtually unknown 18 months ago, he has today amassed over a million subscribers to his YouTube channels and countless millions of views. His new book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” is an international bestseller, nearing the million copy milestone.

Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, sparked his fame by posting a lecture announcing his refusal to abide by a new civil rights code in Canada that appeared to legally require the use of gender-neutral pronouns with people who prefer them.

Through subsequent postings critical of the political and cultural left, he has become a hero for advocates of free speech, and an idol to people who are opposed to the postmodern promulgation of multiculturalism and gender fluidity.” Jeff Salzman.

So where does Jordan Peterson fit in the integral schema? In these two episodes of the Daily Evolver Jeff Saltzman examines Peterson’s message as expressed through his book and his most popular lectures and interviews.