Jordan B. Peterson in Sydney.

After appearing on Q&A on 25th. February, and being asked, once again

“Do you believe in God?”

Jordan Peterson came on stage in Sydney to elaborate about his understanding of what it means to be a believer.

Glen Scrivener replies to the lecture in Sydney by Jordan B. Peterson.

“We must take stock of our multitudinous sins, appalling as they are, (because none of us is who we could be, and all of us do things we know we should not) attempt to atone for them, accept the adventure of our life, and try to encourage nature to sign her beneficial face upon us, keep the tyranny of our social organisations at bay, improve our characters as individuals and, most importantly, face the unknown with truth and courage so that we can discover what is new and necessary and eternally redemptive.

It is in this manner that we cooperate in the creation of what has always been envisioned as the City of God, stumbling uphill towards it as we can.”

Jordan B. peterson, Sydney. 2019.

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