Psalm for Jordan.

Dana R. Casey

June 14, 2019.

Psalm and Reflection

Come teach us, help us to grow holy,

 Hear me, Oh God, “How then can a mortal be righteous before God? 

 How can one born of woman be [good]?”[2]

Who could claim to be good? Who would dare to say, “I believe”?[1]

Who has the audacity to claim to believe in God?

Who has the audacity to call themselves [Christian]?

Who could live fully what [Christ] asks of us?

To accept the suffering, the disappointment, the betrayal,

and to nonetheless act properly.

To aim at the good with all our hearts; 

to dispense with the malevolence and the desire for revenge,

To face things courageously, to tell the truth,

to speak the truth, to act it out, 

That is what it means to believe;

That is the unbearable task.

God only knows what we would be if we actually believe;

If we truly believe, it would be truly transfiguring.

We have no idea what the limit is, we have no idea what is within us; 

If we live a life that is as courageous and as truthful as Christ’s

Christ made clear, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,”[3]

But how can mere mortals follow His way, His truth, or HIs life?

We tremble before the cross;

We shudder to fathom the love of the cross.

We are too feeble and fearful to walk the way of the cross.

We are not good; we are too often vile.

The tree Christ wants us to climb is too terrible;

How can the shame of such a tree lead to life?

Then we remember, the living bread Christ has given;

The temple rebuilt in three days.

Then we remember, the living waters Christ has given;

The water flowing from the right side of the temple.

Lord Jesus Christ, our Temple, our Holy City;

Show us the pathway to Eternal Life and Salvation.

Holy Spirit, our Guide, the Life within us. 

Loving Father, our Refuge, our Fortress.

Abandon us not, so that we may remain your chosen people. 

For without You, we are but broken vessels, an affront to creation; 

But by Your Grace and Your Love, we may yet become Holy.

[1] An adaptation from Jordan B Peterson’s Interview with Dennis Prager, 2019 Prager U Summit, The portions taken from Jordan Peterson are italicized. They have been rearranged as needed for clarity and structure. Words inserted by this author into Dr. Peterson’s words are not italicized. The remaining portions of the psalm, also not italicized, are the author’s or are biblical quotes.

[2]Job 25:4 NSRV

[3] John 14:6