The Purpose of the Journey

To live an abundant life, of love, peace and joy. In spite of the difficulties placed on our path to teach us to be courageous and resilient.

Body Awareness:

The first portal we encounter at birth, the basic life lessons are common unless you are given extra pathways to explore because you are unique in some way.

As a child grows through these early years, the imagination is stimulated while memories of prebirth are hovering, so a magical stage is explored.

Soul awakening:

Once the curiosity has been aroused, the mythical and narrative world evolves and a rationality emerges that dominates the worldview for some time. Finding a head and body unity is necessary.

 Sometimes, mostly in middle age, the question arises “Why are we here, is this all there is?

Surprisingly, there is plenty more ahead, but this next portal seems scary to a cynical, rational, ego driven mind.

It is then time to “seek and you shall find”.

One important discovery was to find your authentic self.

As we grow up and often for the rest of your life, there is a false self, one that has been shaped by the expectations of family, friends, employers. Finding who you really are is possible at this stage.


Integrating body, soul and spirit with Universal Spirit.

However, there is a price to pay, letting go of some of your beliefs, being healed of past hurts, surrendering to the Divine.

This is the integral stage and it is already appearing worldwide, a new worldview.

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